Automatic Winder Operator

Tend automatic yarn winding machines and travelling winding units.

What does an Automatic Winder Operator do?

Tends automatic yarn-winding machine, equipped with stationary or traveling knotter and traveling winding units that move around machine, to transfer yarn from bobbins to cones or tubes: Places bobbins in pockets of feeder magazine and pulls ends of yarn over suction tube opening through which yarn is drawn into knotter. Observes machine operation and signal lights to detect machine malfunctions, exhausting supply packages, full packages of yarn, and tangled yarn. Doffs packages when light indicates package is filled. Replaces tubes or cones on spindles. Laps strands of yarn around cones or tubes to start yarn winding. Presses pedal or button to stop and control speed of machine, according to flow of work. Notifies MACHINE FIXER 689.260-010 when malfunction occurs.