Automatic Riveting Machine Operator

Operate riveting machines that automatically rivet aircraft assemblies.

What does an Automatic Riveting Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates riveting machines that automatically drill, countersink, and rivet aircraft assemblies, such as wing panels and fuselage sections: Reads and interprets blueprints, engineering drawings, and specifications to determine setup and operating procedures. Positions, aligns, and levels parts to be assembled in machine locating tools, or loads part in automatic work positioner installed on machine, using hoist or overhead crane. Selects and installs tools, such as drills, countersinks, rams, rivet injector, and chamfer tools in machine spindles, using handtools. Loads control media, such as tape or disk, in machine. Adjusts controls to synchronize control media, parts, and machine, and to regulate depth of countersink, air pressure, and ram stroke. Fills hopper with rivets or other fasteners. Starts machine, observes operation, monitors displays, and readjusts machine to ensure riveted assemblies conform to specifications. Operates machine manually or from automatic settings. Replaces defective cutting tools. May assemble parts prior to loading parts on machine, using rivet gun and bucking bar. May be designated by type of media controlling machine as Riveting Machine Operator, Programmed Control; Riveting Machine Operator, Tape Control.