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Automatic Presser

Tend automatic pressing machines that press coats and other garments.

What does an Automatic Presser do?

Tends automatic pressing machine equipped with single or double upright body forms to press front, yoke, and back of shirts, coats, and other garments: Fits garment on buck and pulls lever to clamp neckband of garment to buck. Lowers pressing head to iron yoke. Depresses pedal to clamp tailband in position on buck, and release pressing head to raised position. Presses control buttons that rotate dressed buck into pressing cabinet for automatic ironing of front and back of garment. May pull sleeves over forms and shift levers to move forms into pressing cabinet for ironing. May finish one type of garment, such as duck or linen coats. May be designated according to type of garment pressed as Shirt Presser, Automatic; Pants Presser, Automatic.