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Automatic Pinsetter Adjuster

Adjust automatic pinsetters following blueprints and inspect for defects.

What does an Automatic Pinsetter Adjuster do?

Inspects and adjusts automatic pinsetters, following blueprints, using handtools and gauges: Inspects pinsetter for defects and missing components following blueprint parts list. Mounts components or returns machine to assembly department for reworking. Rolls pinsetter to test bay and connects drive mechanism and power source. Adjusts microswitches, spring tension, traverse or circuit stops, cams, and other control mechanisms to specified settings, using handtools. Operates pinsetters to detect malfunctioning. Measures and regulates height and sweep of rake, using fixed gauge and handtools. Runs machine through complete cycle and inspects for pinsetting accuracy. Tests automatic shutoffs by running undersized pins through mechanism. Examines and adjusts each pin and pickup scissor to correct malfunctions.