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Automatic Pattern Edger

Operate pattern edging machines to pencil edge pattern mirrors or glasses.

What does an Automatic Pattern Edger do?

Sets up and operates pattern edging machine to pencil edge pattern mirrors or glass: Turns screws to level arms of machine suction cup platform, using hex wrench. Turns bolts to loosen and extend or retract arms to adjust for size of mirrors or glass being edged, using wrench. Positions workpiece on platform and presses down on workpiece to ensure contact with suction cups and stability of workpiece on platform. Moves calibrated lever mechanism to adjust height of motorized diamond edging wheel. Flips switch and turns valve to start edging machine and flow of water to edging wheel. Depresses pedal to activate suction cups that lock workpiece onto platform. Grasps hand grips of edging wheel and moves wheel against patterned edges of workpiece to form pencil edge. Feels edge of workpiece to ensure specified smoothness and uniformity. Depresses pedal to disengage suction cups. Removes and carries workpiece from machine and places onto rack.