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Automatic Oven Operator

Tend automatic reels or conveyor type ovens that bake bakery products.

What does an Automatic Oven Operator do?

Tends automatic reel or conveyor type oven that bakes bread, pastries, and other bakery products: Reads work order to determine quantity and type products to be baked. Turns dials and valves to set operation speed of conveyor, baking time, and temperature controls of baking unit. Presses buttons to start equipment, and observes gauges to maintain heat according to specifications. Observes filled baking pans entering oven to determine whether pans are filled to standard, spacing between pans is sufficient to prevent pans jamming together, and speed of pans entering oven is specified speed to control baking time of product in oven. Observes color of baking product to detect burning or over baking and to verify uniformity of finished products. Adjusts controls according to procedure or notifies supervisor when conditions require equipment adjustments. May load and unload ovens. May be designated according to type of oven controlled as Conveyorized Oven Tender; Reel Oven Tender. May tend mixing machine and auxiliary equipment that automatically mixes, shapes, and bakes batter to form fortune cookies and be designated Fortune Cookie Maker.