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Automatic Lump Making Machine Tender

Tend machines that automatically press and slice cased tobaccos into lumps.

What does an Automatic Lump Making Machine Tender do?

Tends machine that automatically presses and slices cased, shredded tobacco into lumps of chewing tobacco: Turns knobs to adjust speed of machine conveyor according to brand, grade, and weight of cased tobacco. Starts machine and observes operation to detect malfunctions, such as jam-ups or uneven flow of tobacco entering machine. Stops machine to remove tobacco caught between pressing rollers or weighing unit. Weighs random lumps to verify accuracy of reject weighing unit, using scale. Turns knob to adjust weighing unit as necessary to maintain standard weight of lumps. Replenishes containers with alcohol solution that is automatically sprayed on machine rollers and conveyor to prevent sticking of cased tobacco. Cleans machine.