Automatic Foxing-Cutting-Machine Operator

Set up and operate machines that automatically cut strips of foxing.

What does an Automatic Foxing-Cutting-Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates machine that automatically cuts strips of foxing from continuous sheeting of rubber coated fabric and drops them onto conveyor belt for making into books : Pushes A-frame, containing reel of sheeting, and empty takeup reel in front of machine. Attaches caster-mounted driving motor to end of takeup reel shaft, using collar and wrench. Threads sheeting through series of holddown bars and rollers to cutting blades. Adjusts angle of diagonal, scissors-like blades to increase or decrease length of foxing strip according to work ticket specifications. Regulates rate of feed of sheeting to adjust width of strip. Turns valves to drip water onto blades for lubrication and starts machine. Cuts into edge of sheeting on each side, using knife, and pulls off strips of uneven selvages to provide straight even edges to cut foxing. Measures samples of foxing for conformance to length, width, and thickness specifications, using steel tape and dial micrometer. Adjusts machine by trial and error to produce acceptable foxing. Cuts across sheeting and wrapper, using knife, when sufficient quantity of foxing has been booked.