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Automatic Folder-Seamer

Tend machines that fold, stitch and cut clothes to form various articles.

What does an Automatic Folder-Seamer do?

Tends machine that folds, stitches, and cuts cloth into lengths to form articles, such as bags, finger-buffs, pillowcases, straps, or tie-backs. May turn handwheel or thumbscrew to adjust tension on roll of cloth. May tend machine that sews string into hem of draw-string bag and be designated Sheet Cutter II. May be designated according to article fabricated as Bag-Making-Machine Tender; Belt-Loop Maker; Pillowcase Sewer, Automatic; Sewer-And-Cutter, Finger-Buff Material; Strap-Machine Operator, Automatic; Tie-Back Sewer, Automatic. Performs duties as described under SEWING-MACHINE OPERATOR, AUTOMATIC Master Title.