Automatic Drill Operator

Set and operate drilling machines that drill holes in glasses and mirrors.

What does an Automatic Drill Operator do?

Sets up and operates drilling machine, equipped with vertically opposed hollow drills, that drill holes in glass and mirrors: Reads work ticket to determine size, quantity, and placement of holes to be drilled. Selects specified diamond-tipped hollow drill bits and installs bits in upper and lower spindles, using wrench. Turns knob to adjust depth of bore and rate of ascent and descent at which drill bits enter glass. Measures and clamps guide rail and stops on drill table according to specifications. Turns valve to start flow of coolant and presses button to start electric motor. Positions glass or mirror against stops on drill table. Depresses pedal or presses button to start drilling cycle that automatically clamps glass, drills hole, and releases glass. Repositions glass and repeats drilling procedure until specified number of holes have been drilled. Inspects holes for chips or cracks and verifies placement of holes according to specifications, using ruler. Places mirror or glass on pallet.