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Automated Process Operator

Operate mechanical units of automated production machineries.

What does an Automated Process Operator do?

Operates mechanical units of automated production machinery to produce deposited carbon resistors for use in electronic equipment: Turns valves to admit methane and nitrogen gases into carbon-coating furnace and sets furnace temperature for computer control according to work order. Presses buttons and turns valves to start vacuum pump of terminating chambers and set rate for back-filling chambers with argon gas, preparatory to sputtering gold contacts on carbonized ceramic cores. Sets thermostats to heat curing oven of encapsulating machine and water vat of air-leak detection unit to specified temperatures. Turns valve to spray water over resistors emerging from curing oven. Observes temperature gauges, pressure gauges, and machine operation to detect mechanical failures in automated machinery. Notifies MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 638.281-014 of machinery malfunction.