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Autoclave Operator II

Operate series of high pressure autoclaves.

What does an Autoclave Operator II do?

Operates series of high pressure autoclaves to test fabricated uranium fuel elements for leakage and ruptures in zirconium cladding and weld: Loads fuel elements in metal baskets and places baskets into tank of autoclave, using crane. Closes tank lid, using torque wrench. Turns valve to admit specified amount of water into tank, and closes exhaust outlet of tank. Activates electric heating element, adjust control knobs, and observes gauges to obtain specified temperature and pressure. Monitors gauges to prevent rise in temperature and listens for alarm signal that indicates leak or rupture of one or more fuel elements. Presses button to cut off heat elements, opens exhaust water valve to dump hot water, and opens valve to admit cold water to cool elements. Opens autoclave, removes basket, and replaces tested elements. Records serial number of ruptured elements. Periodically tests quality of deionized water in autoclave, using special equipment.