Auto Parts Salesman

Sell car owners the right brakes, wiper, or headlight for their cars.

What does an Auto Parts Salesman do?

An Auto Parts Salesman works with the public to get cars and trucks (and boats, snow blowers, trimmers, and anything with a motor essentially) back on the road. They work behind a counter in this sales position, identifying and locating parts, and completing the sales transaction. Whether it’s the weekend warrior restoring a classic car or a young person learning the basics of auto mechanics, it’s the Auto Parts Salesman’s job to help.

As an Auto Parts Salesman, you sell replacement or aftermarket parts (think chrome door handles or windshield wiper arms), and you see to it that the customer receives the part they need, even if they’re not sure what exactly that is. For example, a customer brings a part (say, a spark plug) and shows it to you. They don’t know what it is, but they need a replacement.

You know it’s a spark plug, so you ask the right questions (make, model, and year of the vehicle) and locate the new spark plug on the shelf. After ringing up the item and collecting the payment, you move on to the next customer.

Meticulousness is important in this position, since the smallest of details (size of engine perhaps) can make a huge difference in the performance of the vehicle. Basic knowledge of computer systems is helpful because many auto parts stores rely on computer database systems to track inventory and replenish stock. The ability to stand for several hours during a shift and repeatedly lift at least 50 pounds is vital as well.