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Auto Mechanic



Fix problems and replace broken parts to get cars back on the road.

What does an Auto Mechanic do?

Cars, trucks, vans-they’re part of our everyday lives. Many people rely on them to get to school or work. Like anything mechanical, automobiles require maintenance and repair to keep them in good working order. An Auto Mechanic cleans inspects, and replaces parts on vehicles.

If you’re an Auto Mechanic, you interview the car owner upon their arrival in your lot. When did the problem start? What does it sound like? How does it act when you drive faster or slower? This information gives you a starting point, if you don’t already know what is wrong.

Next, you run diagnostics; take it for a drive, use special tools to check the electrical system, listen and use your knowledge to identify the problem. After you’ve made a diagnosis, you contact the customer to relay this information. With the owner’s approval, you repair or replace broken parts and put the pieces back together in working order.

Auto Mechanics can provide this service as individuals, or work for established repair shops. Whether you work as the sole Mechanic in a one-horse town, or as part of a larger crew of Mechanics, your job is to treat the customer’s car with respect. You take pride in your work because you understand that the automobile in your care shuttles children around town and delivers your customer to work in time for important meetings. It’s not just a belt, hose, or spark plug you are fixing; it is the transportation for a family.