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Auto Electrician



Diagnose and repair car electronics with your voltage meter in-hand.

What does an Auto Electrician do?

In the good old days, you could fix a car with a wrench and a few good kicks. Today, automobiles have traded in their gears and pulleys for high-class computer and electrical systems. Now that the average Joe or Jane can’t just pop the hood and turn a few bolts to stop that irritating rattling noise, it’s up to Auto Electricians to dig down into the labyrinth of electrical wiring, and kick-start those computer parts again.

As an Auto Electrician, your day starts when a customer rolls in with a sick automobile. It has a horrible cough and sputters whenever you try to start it. Before you start swapping out parts, you run some diagnostic tests to find the problem. Voltage meters, working spare parts, and your own Auto Electrician expertise help you determine the most likely cause of the poor car’s illness.

Once you know what you’re up against, you start digging through the mess of wires and bolts to find the heart of the problem. A computer chip may have short-circuited or a wire may need replacing. Other times, the issue may be as simple as changing a dead bulb in the headlights or replacing the car’s battery.

In cases where the repairs are complex, you may need to order special parts or rewire sections of the car. Sometimes, customers come to you with requests other than repairs-the installation of additional features like a built-in GPS, for example. Whatever their needs, you keep all their car’s electrical systems functioning at top speed.

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