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Auto Damage Appraiser



Determine the cost of repairing damaged cars for insurance reasons.

What does an Auto Damage Appraiser do?

An accident can turn even the most expensive car into a pile of twisted metal, broken glass, and fractured plastic. It is the job of an Auto Damage Appraiser to determine how much it will cost to turn that heap of wreckage into a functional car, and whether or not the repairs are worth making in the first place.

When an accident occurs, an Auto Damage Appraiser is sent by the insurance company that employs him or her to inspect the damage. If you’re an Auto Damage Appraiser, you might do this at a repair shop your company contracts with, or at the owner’s home. You use a standardized parts-and-labor manual, as well as your own knowledge of car repair, to determine how much it might cost to fix the car. You also reference standard pricing booklets to find out how much the car was worth before the accident.

If it isn’t worth fixing, you present the owner with a check to cover the loss of the car. Many people are emotionally attached to their cars, and believe that the cars are worth much more than your company is prepared to offer. You may work as a Counselor for these people, trying to help them move on to new cars.

If the repairs are worth making for your company, you persuade the repair shop to make the repairs for the price you’ve come up with. Some repair shops believe their services are worth much more, and once again, you turn on the charm to convince them to take the asking price. When the repairs are complete, you inspect them to make sure the work was done properly.

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