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Auto Body Technician



Remove dings and dents to keep cars looking good.

What does an Auto Body Technician do?

Today’s cars are made with safety and durability in mind. But when an accident happens, fenders, doors, and side panels might take a hit while keeping the Driver safe. Of course, the Driver would want the car fixed-fast. They want it looking new again, so they bring it to an Auto Body Technician.

Auto Body Technicians work magic on the molded metal, plastic, and fiberglass components of a car’s shell. This requires patience, training, and complex tools. As an Auto Body Technician, you hammer out dings and dents usually with pneumatic hammers, and reshape plastic parts through a specific heating and cooling process. You replace entire panels on the side of the car, install a new hood, or press the creases out of a trunk.

Along the way, you also evaluate the other parts of the car that might need attention. For example, if the accident also caused engine damage, you coordinate the body repair around the Mechanic ‘s duties. Depending on the amount of damage, it might require a team of Mechanics, Technicians, and Painters to bring the vehicle back to its original form.

While most of the cars you work on have suffered from some sort of accident, you might also work to restore classic cars or make changes for aftermarket accessories. Whatever the project, safety and customer satisfaction take center ring. You know how to use and care for each power tool, and take pride in your ability to listen to and communicate with your customers.

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