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Master the art of storytelling to create books for others to read.

What does an Author do?

An Author writes, using visions and ideas from their own heads to create whole worlds for others to read about.

Authors are storytellers. Your story can be real, as is the case in nonfiction books, or fake, made up from your imagination. Either way you want to draw your reader in, giving them a reason to keep turning the page and caring about what happens to your main character.

Depending on what type of writing you want to do, and for what audience, your writing process is going to be a little different. If, for example you’re, writing a historically accurate nonfiction book about horse racing in the 1920’s, you’re going to spend quite a bit of time researching, either in other books or by talking to people, before you start to write. If your book is a vampire novel for teens you probably won’t spend a whole lot of time researching, and instead just dive into the writing, making sure you keep the reading level and language age appropriate.

That being said, every Author has their own individual process when it comes to actually putting words onto paper so you’ll have to find your own.

You should be aware this is can be a difficult job. Those bestsellers you see advertised didn’t happen overnight and often writing a book can take years. Even for really famous Authors, writer’s block and uncertainty can quickly kill the desire to write the next great American novel.

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