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Stimulate parts of the outer ear to encourage healing of various ailments.

What does an Auriculotherapist do?

Ears are great things. They let you hear, hang earrings, and stick fingers in when you want to annoy a younger sibling.

But did you know that they could also help cure pain or diseases? Auriculotherapists work within a field of alternative medicine focused on stimulating different areas of the ear to cure parts of the body. It was first practiced in ancient China, and came to the west in the 1950’s when it was rediscovered by a French Doctor.

Auriculotherapists are sometimes known as ear Acupuncturists. This is partially correct, and you can use needles to hit different pressure points on your patient’s ear. But you can also stimulate the ear through massage, electrical currents, or even cauterizing (a.k.a. burning).

The belief behind the practice of Auriculotherapists is that nerves in the ear connect to pathways in the brain. These pathways in turn lead to different parts of the body. So by manipulating the ear nerves, you are able to control pain and illness in other areas of the body.

Your clients come to you for a variety of problems. You might handle chronic pain, arthritis, stress, headaches, even acne or addictions. You start your sessions by discussing what the patient’s issues are. Then you make a diagnosis, and decide how to treat them.

The number of needles or the amount of electric current you need depends on the type of problem. So does the number of sessions you recommend for your client. Some need only weeks to be healed, while others may need to keep coming back for months.

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