Auricular Acupuncturist

Use needles on different areas of the ear to alleviate pain.

What does an Auricular Acupuncturist do?

Like a regular Acupuncturist, Auricular Acupuncturists use different sized needles to stimulate pressure points in the body, with the goal of alleviating pain and general discomfort. The difference between these two jobs lies in which body parts are pricked.

Unlike regular Acupuncturists who use points throughout the body, you, the Auricular Acupuncturist, focus your energy solely on the ear. It is believed that the ear represents the entire person, with over 100 different pressure points that correspond with the various parts of the body. As an Auricular Acupuncturist, you study and manipulate these points to help clients find relief from all types of health issues, from arthritis to anxiety to depression to back pain.

Before you start imagining brain-tickling needles, though, you should know you never insert anything into the ear canal. Instead, the pressure points you use sit on the fat, fleshy part of the ear. These points stimulate areas of the brain, which then influence parts of the body.

As with any medical procedure, you start a session by asking your client about their pain and ailments. Once you have a complete health history, you get to work. You focus your attention on the area of the ear that will help the most. For example, the upper part is considered to help with allergies while the middle can solve stomach issues.

You insert your needles (which are usually copper- or steel-tipped) into the different pressure points. Then you either leave them there for a set period of time, or twist them in order to stimulate more healing.