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Audiobook Narrator



Record readings of books using great diction and a flare for storytelling.

What does an Audiobook Narrator do?

Most children have their own dedicated Audiobook Narrator who reads aloud to them. When adults want a book read aloud though, they often have to buy it in a prerecorded format. A professional Audiobook Narrator reads books aloud into a recording device for mass distribution.

Your job as an Audiobook Narrator involves a large amount of creativity. Unlike the script for a movie or play, a book often contains few contextual clues telling you how loud to speak or which words to emphasize.

You have to study the book carefully long before recording begins. You plot out a reading plan, and create your own script. After recording, you play it back to make sure you’ve captured the essence of the book perfectly.

If you work with a professional Audiobook Director, your job may be slightly easier. You get the book from your client, and then meet with the Director who coaches you on how to read it aloud. The Director sits with you during the taping session, and may stop you during recording to provide you with direction. You must pay careful attention to the directions given so you won’t have to repeat the reading again and again.

Whether you work alone or with a Director, proper diction and phrasing are incredibly important. You need to speak slowly and clearly so your audience understands each word you’re speaking. Over time, you may become accustomed to speaking this way in your everyday life. This can make you popular with some older people, but youngsters may find you slow and unhip.

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