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Audiobook Director

Guide Actor's interpretation of books for voice recordings.

What does an Audiobook Director do?

Listening to stories is one of the oldest human activities. Today, technology has changed the ways we listen to tales, but our thirst for entertainment through words is as intense as ever. Audiobook Directors aim to fill our desire for a well-told story with quality recordings of books and plays.

As an Audiobook Director, you work with Actors to create accurate and interesting compact discs or tapes. The stories you work on are based on the creations of Authors, whether it be a play or a printed book.

Like a Film Director, you guide Actors through their performance. You offer suggestions on how they can improve by adding more emotion or using a deeper voice. Sometimes, you know that something isn’t quite right, but you’re not sure what it is, so you request the Actor to try different tones or change the speed of the speech pattern.

Being an Audiobook Director means interpreting an Author’s work in a subjective way. You’re as much an Artist as the Actor because you take words on a page and find ways to bring it to verbal life. If you and the Actor have different views about how that should be done, you communicate to work it out. That might entail reviewing the work together and discussing your interpretation.

In addition to your hands-on role in the Director’s seat, you also seek out talent, schedule auditions and rehearsals, and reserve the studio for recording time.