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Audio Visual Technician



Oversee the equipment used during presentations and performances.

What does an Audio Visual Technician do?

An Audio Visual Technician takes care of the wiring and equipment needed to stage electronic aspects of productions. Here, you can put your wealth of wiring knowledge to good use in a variety of settings-who knew that a love of cables could open up so many doors?

If the corporate world is your goal, you can work as a Projectionist for board meeting presentations, for example, or help with corporate openings or galas. If a brush with fame is more what you’re going for, try being a Stagehand for a concert or find work as a DJ.

For any of these positions, it helps to be well versed in full systems of equipment, rather than just portions of them, so that you can pitch in where needed: Its not unusual for an Audio Visual Technician to work with sound mixing equipment, lights, microphones, projectors and video recorders all on one job.

What’s especially great about this line of work is that a huge variety of positions fall under the one title of Audio Visual Technician. Because of that, employers may look for everything from a high school degree to a Bachelor’s in Audio Production. And whatever your level of education or experience, the field in general is booming. But a word to the wise: look down so you don’t trip over all those wires when you’re quite literally center stage.

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