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Auction Clerk



Keep auction paperwork in-order so buyers can take their items home.

What does an Auction Clerk do?

Often fast-paced and exciting, auctions are shopping, but speeded up and with a competitive element added in. Auction Clerks work at these speedy purchasing powwows, taking money for goods and delivering items to buyers.

If you’re an Auction Clerk, the type of auction you work at can vary, and these jobs tend to be on an as-needed basis. This means you might help sell cars one week, and then goods for a charity the next. The only way to get some consistency as an Auction Clerk is to work at an auction house that specializes in a particular good, like Christie’s and art.

In this role, you work closely with the Auctioneer. While they call out numbers, you answer questions, tag objects, and keep track of receipts. When an item is bought, you spring into action, moving it off the block and writing out the bill. Once a bill is written, you enter it into the computer and organize the paper copy so that at the end of the auction and purchases are claimed, everything is neat and orderly.

When a buyer does come up to claim their good, you take care of the transaction. You process payments, double-check receipts, and hand over goods. If the object is big, like a horse or a car, you might arrange for the delivery, and if it’s breakable, you arrange for the wrapping to keep it safe.

Be aware that this job involves a lot of customer service, and like any good Customer Service Representative, you need to keep a smile on your face even when dealing with the most demanding of customers.

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