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Atmospheric Sciences Professor

Teach university students about atmospheric sciences.

What does an Atmospheric Sciences Professor do?

There are many ways that professionals can study the atmosphere. For example, they may study its chemical makeup, its mathematical properties, or its changes over time. Most students specialize in one form of atmospheric studies, but before they can become specialists, they must first have a firm grounding in the fundamentals of the atmospheric sciences. These are the courses taught by Atmospheric Sciences Professors.

If you’re an Atmospheric Sciences Professor, your students are probably new to the atmospheric sciences, so you do what you can to make the courses interesting and entertaining. Because you have many years of experience as a Teacher, you know just how to teach students difficult concepts, and you have many Earth jokes to sprinkle into your lectures.

Students must prove to you that they’re absorbing what you’re teaching, so you give them tests. You then grade these tests, and you provide each student with a final grade at the end of the course. Sometimes, you have an advanced student help you with these tasks, and you let that student teach a course every now and then so they can hone their teaching skills.

Between classes, you attend meetings for your department. If your department is adding new staff, for example, you may sit in on job interviews.

While you teach general courses, you may have a special passion for a particular aspect of the atmospheric sciences. You focus on this area in your own research, and you work to publish books and papers that describe your research and your results. Sometimes, you attend conferences with other Atmospheric Sciences Professors, and you may even be asked to speak before the attendees and describe your theories.