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Athletic Equipment Custodian

Keep stocks of new and used athletic supplies.

What does an Athletic Equipment Custodian do?

Keeps stock of new and used athletic supplies, such as balls, gloves, bats, shoes, and uniforms, and issues supplies to players: Keeps record of supplies in stock and supplies issued to players. Informs officials when additional supplies are needed. Inspects supplies in stock to detect those requiring repair or cleaning. Repairs torn or damaged supplies or sends supplies out for repair. Issues new or clean supplies to players in exchange for supplies that are worn or dirty. Packs and unpacks supplies for road trips and ensures that arrangements are made for transportation. Accompanies players on trips. Modifies protective supplies, such as adding additional arch supports to shoes, padding uniforms and helmets, or preparing slings for injured players, under specific directions from INSTRUCTOR, SPORTS or ATHLETIC TRAINER. May prepare budget estimate for supplies. May purchase supplies. May wash soiled uniforms and other supplies in automatic washing machine or may arrange to have supplies laundered.