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Athletic Compliance Coordinator

Make sure student athletes follow the policies of sports programs.

What does an Athletic Compliance Coordinator do?

Sports programs across the country are monitored by regulatory agencies, such as the NCAA, that work to keep college sports fair and safe for the players. Schools hire Athletic Compliance Coordinators to “coordinate” the activities of the athletic department. That entails paperwork, interpretation of the rules, and eligibility verification, to name a few.

As an Athletic Compliance Coordinator, you monitor the day-to-day operations of the compliance department. That might mean supervising Secretaries and other office staff. It also means that the responsibility of the office falls on your shoulders.

But, no worries, you live and breathe rules and regulations. In fact, everyone comes to you when there’s a dispute.

In addition to understanding the rules of the sports in your athletic department, you follow regulatory policies to the letter. From the time a student signs on to the team, you’re pushing paperwork on her. That way, each student file is uniform, and the papers inside protect both the student and the school from scrutiny.

Your daily paperwork as an Athletic Compliance Coordinator includes financial aid forms, academic records, and proof of eligibility—all of which need to pass compliance requirements. Of course, you’re also the bad guy when you must call out a violation. In addition to these tasks, you might take on travel arrangements for the team, update calendars, and perform other tasks that aid Coaches, students, and athletic staff.