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Use your knowledge of the stars to explain the mysteries of the universe.

What does an Astrologer do?

An Astrologer charts the position of the stars in the sky to gain insight into human personality, and even draw predictions about the future. You might already be thinking about crystal balls, turbans, and misty parlor rooms, but astrology is as much an ancient science as it is a brilliantly creative art form.

Astrologers spend a good chunk of time charting the planets and stars before they get to make any claims. It’s important for you, if you’re an Astrologer, to be consistent, accurate, and organized in order to make informed predictions. There are multiple methods for calculating the night sky; some involve rigid structure and graphs, while others use the seasons and weather as meters.

You’re independent. Astrology can be a very personal process when you begin to work on your own readings. You may start out doing business with only a few people who pay to hear your predictions, but as you grow a reputation for giving insight, magazines and newspapers may ask you to fill their horoscope section. You’re probably already familiar with the signs of the zodiac, and which animal and personality represents you.

If you offer your skills to the public, clients will come to you seeking assistance and advice. The role of a personal Astrologer isn’t about performing; it’s important that you believe in the help you’re giving. You can counsel and inform customers, and develop strong and lasting business relationships with people. You’re rewarded with the bond of trust as you coach clients through difficult times, save them money, or point them in the way of a promising new relationship.