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Asthma Specialist



Use your expert knowledge to help asthma sufferers breath easier.

What does an Asthma Specialist do?

Asthma is a lung condition that causes wheezing and difficulty in breathing. It can be a serious condition that requires the specialized skills of a Physician to help diagnose and treat symptoms. Asthma Specialists are Doctors who live and breathe the causes of asthma, and recommend individualized patient treatments.

When you’re an Asthma Specialist, your medical training qualifies you as an expert in all things asthma. In addition to your understanding of asthma, you might specialize in other lung conditions, too. In fact, you probably go by a respected and hard-earned title like Pulmonologist, Pediatrician, Internist, Allergist, or Ear, Nose, and Throat Physician.

Whatever title you hold, your job as an Asthma Specialist is to examine patients. Your patients might include very young children, adults, or senior citizens. You might even work in a critical care unit or respond to emergencies in the emergency room.

To diagnose patients, you review their history, ask questions, and use special tools, such as a flow meter, to evaluate how the patient is doing. Of course, fancy tests are expensive, so you work with the patient and their insurance to find affordable options.

With a diagnosis in hand, you recommend treatments. Examples include inhalers and other medications, the use of a nebulizer, abstinence from certain foods, pet removal, or even treatment via a respirator, if necessary.

With your help, patients learn more about what causes their asthma, how to treat it, and how to respond to unnerving asthma attacks.

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