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Asthma and Allergies Acupuncturist

Relieve asthma or allergy symptoms by placing needles at exact body points.

What does an Asthma and Allergies Acupuncturist do?

Come allergy season, all that’s heard across the land is sneezes and sniffles and wheezes, and it seems nothing’s able to conquer the pollen but chemicals and pills. That is, until Asthma and Allergies Acupuncturists start wielding their mighty pointed weapon. An Asthma and Allergies Acupuncturist offers those who seek therapy a way to thwart the irritating symptoms of allergies with little more than the prick of a needle.

Sometimes, our bodies decide to have a strong reaction towards something that’s not at all harmful. For a lot of people, a mouthful of seafood means an itchy rash or clutching a porcelain bowl for the rest of the night. Almost everyone has allergies, but, if you’re an Asthma and Allergies Acupuncturist, you have a solution.

Starting with a consultation, you speak to your patient and learn about their symptoms, and you diagnose the source of their suffering. You then begin charting a plan for recovery. You focus on points such as the wrist or ankle to painlessly activate nerves with a very thin, clean needle. By correcting imbalances in energy and increasing the flow of “Qi” (the vital force) throughout the body of your patient, you can boost immunity and regulate allergies and even asthma, which can be controlled through acupuncture by relieving stress and regulating breathing.

It may seem too good to be true, but Oriental medicine and alternative treatments for illness have been practiced for thousands of years. You may also prescribe mixtures of Chinese herbs and oils for massage therapy. Think of yourself as a Doctor without all the pills, shots, and latex gloves. Part Therapist, part Pharmacist, you do more than just use needles; you crush allergies every natural way you can!