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Associate Producer



Oversee secondary budget and business details for Movie or TV Producer.

What does an Associate Producer do?

Associate Producers are the support system for a Film Producer – they spend their days and nights assisting the Producer with getting the film together. And the most help an Associate Producer can render, hence what they do, is to keep as much work away from the Producer as possible by doing it themselves.

Specifically, this means that, if you’re an Associate Producer, you’ll deal with the smaller logistics of creating a film. This might include making sure locations are set, permits are ready, equipment is ordered and accounted for, payments are issued, and scripts are in order. In general, anything that’s not important enough to need the Producer’s direct attention falls under your control.

While this takes an insane amount of organizational skills, business acumen is helpful as well – not only will you check off on all these tasks, you’ll also make sure they are within budget.

If you like to solve problems, if you are challenged when you are tasked with making the impossible possible and you dig the film scene, then this might be the perfect job for you. As the Producer’s right hand go to person you will play an important role in ushering a film into final production.

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