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Associate Editor



Help newsroom Editors with administrative tasks.

What does an Associate Editor do?

Before a newspaper, magazine, or other periodical can go to print, it has to get checked for correct spelling and grammar. Also, the layout as a whole needs to be cleaned up and checked over. Editors are the people in charge of this. And the Associate Editors work underneath them, doing a lot of the small jobs to make sure everything is perfect.

The position of Associate Editor is usually an entry-level job, or one that you grab straight out of college or with only a few years of experience. If you’re an Associate Editor, you tend to be low man on the totem pole, and a lot of your tasks reflect this. For example, you might be in charge of fact-checking, which means calling or emailing to verify information in the piece. You might also do minor editing jobs, or be tasked with coming up with article ideas for upcoming issues.

You take care of administrative tasks as well, like contacting Writers or filing old issues or story ideas. Additionally, you take care of the social media side of things, like updating the company’s facebook account. You might get to write, but your pieces tend to be shorter, and are used only when there’s a space that needs to be filled.

You can pretty much expect to do those small jobs that keep the magazine, newspaper, or online publication running smoothly. Yes, they may be small, but they make the big jobs of the Editors so much easier. Besides, with a position like this, there’s nowhere to go but up. So do your job well and you’ll be able to move into a higher position, like Managing Editor or even Editor-in-Chief.

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