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Assistant Coach



Support the Head Coach by running drills and giving knowledgeable input.

What does an Assistant Coach do?

Mentor, Teacher, Counselor, and Cheerleader – Assistant Coaches wear a lot of jerseys. They may not be the main Coach, but they take over many of the same duties and handle whatever situations may arise when the Coach has to step away from the game.

As an Assistant Coach, you’re passionate about your sport and your team. Whether it’s volleyball, baseball, softball, or football, the job takes commitment. After all, you can’t expect your Athlete to give it their all if you only have one foot in the arena.

Your Assistant Coach position has you in the middle of the action. Although the Coaches make the final call, you’re in all the planning meetings. You provide input on each Player’s strengths and weaknesses, and give your two cents about major decisions, such as discipline, whether injured players are ready to play, or who will start.

You know each Player. You have firsthand knowledge of their goals, dreams, and heart.

That doesn’t mean you’re always their buddy, though. You also work them hard and constantly raise the bar of expectations. You challenge them through drills, workouts, and practices.

In addition to evaluating your own Players, you scrutinize the competition. That means spending a lot of time watching videotapes. Your efforts allow you to create effective game plans.

Regardless of your other tasks, one of your main jobs is to recruit talented Players to your roster. So you attend lower-level games, watch the sports news, and make inquiries about Players from other teams.

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