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Assistant Buyer



Do the legwork for Buyers to help a company get the supplies it needs.

What does an Assistant Buyer do?

In today’s international world, products are easily shipped from one end of the globe to the other, much to the benefit of businesses and consumers. Buyers are professionals who research the international market to better understand what customers want and what businesses can offer. Then they, with the help of their Assistant Buyers, bring those goods to local markets for the consumer.

Of course, knowing which products are going to sell is part guesswork and part science. When you’re an Assistant Buyer, part of your responsibility is to monitor the trends so that you can locate the next hot fashion statement or foodie item. To do this, you attend industry shows and keep up with trade journals. Commonly, your duties as an Assistant Buyer are completed at the retail level, where you focus on delivering food, clothing, and other items to retail stores.

Your job responsibilities vary depending on the Buyer you work for. But, whether he’s a Specialty Food Buyer or a Retail Clothing Buyer, you help brainstorm marketing plans, better understand the attitudes of the customer, and build relationships with vendors.

Not only do you follow this season’s hottest footwear, research buying habits, and contribute to the marketing plan, but you also size up the competition, help decide when to mark down items, and plan for the upcoming season.

On a daily basis, you also verify manufacturers’ deliveries, inspect merchandise, confirm quantities, and evaluate which items are flying off the shelves and which are not.

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