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Assistant Bank Branch Manager



Serve as second-in-command at a particular bank branch.

What does an Assistant Bank Branch Manager do?

There are many tiers of jobs within the banking industry. From Janitors to the CEO, each person plays an important role in the success of the organization. Large banks, like Bank of America or Wells Fargo, have hundreds of branches, operating separately but united under the philosophy and regulations of the parent companies. In each of these branches, the staff works together to achieve company goals, keep the customers happy, and promote a safe and productive atmosphere.

The Assistant Bank Branch Manager is in the middle of all that activity. They supervise the staff, find answers for Loan Officers, train new Tellers, and create a schedule for all employees. In addition, Assistant Bank Branch Managers have managerial authority to override computer systems, sign off on Teller outages, and hold keys for double-custody security areas (where two keys are required), such as the vault.

If you’re Assistant Bank Branch Manager, you know how to perform just about every duty, and are often called to fill in as needed. You work with the Tellers to assist customers with checking and savings deposits, cashing checks, and making withdrawals. You also help customers when they have questions concerning their account or when they need loan information.

Because you are the assistant to the Bank Branch Manager, you take on whatever the Manager dishes your way. So you’re on your toes and ready to answer phones, help the Vault Teller prepare to ship money, cover the branch while he or she is on vacation, or refill the ATM.