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Assistant Art Museum Curator

Help a Curator maintain art collections.

What does an Assistant Art Museum Curator do?

An Assistant Art Museum Curator works underneath an Art Museum Curator to bring different collections, classes and lectures to a museum. The position of Assistant Art Museum Curator is a stepping stone to becoming a full Curator, and you have a balance of administrative, research, and community outreach responsibilities.

As Assistant Art Museum Curator, much of your work revolves around exhibits: You help research options for new exhibits, and coordinate exhibit loans to and from other museums. So one day you might be learning about Inca painting styles, and the next watching modern French films to help decide which one will fit in best with the museum and its community. You balance this research with the logistical planning of to bring a new exhibit to the museum, and creating the records and files of pieces your museum will loan out to make space for the new exhibit.

You also have a large outreach component, and help develop educational programs, give lectures and oversee museum volunteers. This outreach part of your job is very important-museums depend on community support, and you are the one who develops and maintains relationships with schools and other community groups.

Finally, if the head Curator is out sick or busy, you become the one to give museum tours or serve as the face of the museum at different events and meetings.