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Assignment Editor



Assign stories and tasks to News Reporters.

What does an Assignment Editor do?

Breaking news: The station that has the best stories, and has them before anyone else, is the station that everyone is going to flip their channels to each morning while sipping their coffee and munching on toast. But who wrangles these stories and decides what needs to be seen? Every news station and newspaper has an Assignment Editor who’s the master of gathering statistics, interviews, and events, and turning them into the news.

Unfortunately, what should and shouldn’t make the news isn’t clear-cut and obvious, and it certainly doesn’t turn up gift-wrapped on your front doorstep. As the Assignment Editor, you send Reporters to press releases, listen to national news reports, and even tune in to police scanners to listen in on the buzz around town. It’s up to you the Assignment Editor to build a good relationship with potential sources, such as Police Officers, Firemen, and even government officials who may choose to grant your Reporters an interview over others if you play your cards right.

In fact, your day-to-day may feel an awful lot like a game of cards. Fishing around for fresh stories may seem a little bit like being constantly forced to keep drawing from the deck, but you have a talented staff at your fingertips, composed of Writers, Anchor, and Cameramen, all with specific strengths and interests. Figuring out where to place them and telling them what stories and leads to follow is half the game.

You’re part of a very collaborative work environment, and while you’re the one who deals out responsibilities, you still get to merge ideas with Editors, work on some of your own stories, and help Reporters make the most out of their own. When everyone works together, with you as the head of operations, fantastic news is sure to follow!

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