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Asset Protection Specialist



Catalog clients' valuable items for insurance reasons.

What does an Asset Protection Specialist do?

The goal of an Asset Protection Specialist is to help individuals and businesses protect their personal, physical, and financial assets by itemizing their possessions for insurance purposes. Asset Protection Specialists prepare extensive reports of valuable items found inside and outside their homes or businesses using lists, videos, and still photographs.

On a typical workday as an Asset Protection Specialist, you meet with a client in your office to learn what kind of coverage they’re looking for. Then, you schedule an appointment to go to their home and catalog their possessions. This catalog serves an important purpose. If a fire or other natural disaster somehow damages the home, this detailed record of the possessions stored inside could help guarantee that insurance would cover the loss.

No detail goes unnoticed: You record model and serial numbers on electrical appliances, and scan important receipts, appraisals, and documents. All of this information goes into a portfolio for your client, which is then stored in your office and/or an offsite location such as a safety deposit box.

Your work doesn’t end there, however. You regularly update your client’s portfolio, especially after significant purchases are brought into the house or business. In addition to natural disasters, your list helps protect them against burglary and even a nasty divorce.

The services you provide as an Asset Protection Specialist also include home security consultations, where you help clients choose the best possible home protection product or plan, such as video surveillance or alarm systems. Clients may even look to you for help in creating vital documents such as revocable and irrevocable living trusts, family limited partnerships, children’s trusts, retirement planning, and limited liability planning.

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