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Assessment Coordinator



Evaluate school curriculums, and recommend improvements.

What does an Assessment Coordinator do?

When you go to the Doctor, one of the first things the Nurse does is check your temperature. The reason: She’s trying to assess your condition in order to find out if you’re sick. As an Assessment Coordinator, you do the exact same thing: Figuratively speaking, you take the temperature of programs to assess them and make sure they’re healthy.

However, unless you’re a Nurse Assessment Coordinator, what you’re assessing isn’t sick patients. (Although if you are, in fact, a Nurse Assessment Coordinator, that’s precisely what you do: You work in a long-term care facility where it’s your job to evaluate patients and residents, and to assess the quality of the care they receive.) Instead, it’s the quality of programs.

The most common place to find an Assessment Coordinator is in schools, where the product you’re assessing is education. In particular, colleges and universities hire Assessment Coordinators like you to create and manage a schoolwide system for monitoring and improving learning outcomes. In other words: To attract students and esteem, colleges want to establish a good reputation for high-quality education. So, they hire you to measure student learning, and to work with Academic Deans on developing programs and curriculums that quantifiably improve it. Because college programs must be accredited, it’s also your job to work with accrediting bodies to collect and analyze the data they need to award accreditation.

Simply put: You assess programs and departments by devising ways to measure-and then measurably improve-their performance.

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