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Assembly Technician

Put together a single item from a number of individual pieces.

What does an Assembly Technician do?

Assembly Technicians put things together. These things can be toys, lawnmowers, furniture, or pretty much anything that needs to be assembled before it lands on a sales floor. The two places that hire Assembly Technicians are factories and retail stores.

No matter where you work though, to be an Assembly Technician you should be good with your hands. More specifically, you must be able to twist and move tiny parts, and you must be willing to do some pretty physical work. If you work in a factory, you should also plan on spending your days on your feet.

Factories usually have you teaming up with other Assembly Technicians. You might work on an assembly line and do one specific task, or you might switch it up and do many different jobs. To start, you figure out how to put a product together, which means you need to be able to read blueprints and instructions.

Sometimes, the assembling you do means controlling and overseeing the work of a computer that puts everything together. Other times, it means using a drill or screwdriver to manually connect parts. No matter what you use, quality control is a big responsibility, and you need to make sure everything you produce is topnotch.

Work in a retail store is a little different. You still put goods together, but they’re usually fewer in number. These are the samples you see on the sales floor, or big pieces like furniture.