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Assembly Cleaner

Remove pot crusts and carbons from spent anode assemblies.

What does an Assembly Cleaner do?

Removes pot crust and carbon from spent anode assemblies, and cast-iron thimbles from contact rods, using crushing press, handtools, and power tools: Secures anode assembly to vibrating table, using hydraulic shaft and clamps. Depresses pedal to activate vibration that shakes loose pot crust, and breaks crust remaining on anode, using airhammer. Sorts scrap aluminum from crust, and throws scrap in barrel. Removes anode assembly from table. Pushes pot crust from table into hopper of automatic crusher to prepare crust for reuse. Observes machine and clears jams in hopper. Breaks carbon or pot crust from contact rods, using hammer or airhammer. Observes automatic thimble press that crushes and cracks cast-iron thimble formed around rod, and stops machine when malfunction occurs. Examines assemblies on conveyor to detect damaged rods, and removes assemblies that need repair. Removes cast iron reclaimed from rods for transfer to reduction furnace for remelting. May be designated according to operation performed as Anode-Assembly Cleaner II; Thimble-Press Operator.