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Assembled Wood Products Repairer

Repair surface defects of wood products.

What does an Assembled Wood Products Repairer do?

Repairs surface defects of wood products, such as sashes, doors, furniture, cabinet work, mirror frames, and picture frames to prepare them for finishing, gilding, painting, or packaging: Visually inspects workpiece for rough edges, surface nicks, dents, nail holes, cracks, open seams, veneer blisters, glue, dirt, or inspector’s marks. Trims and smooths rough edges and surfaces, and removes scratches, dirt, and glue, using knife, scraper, sandpaper, and portable electric sander. Applies moisture and heat to remove dents, using wet sponge and electric iron. Fills cracks, seams, depressions, and nail holes with filler, such as putty. Touches up defects and filler, using stain, paint, or touchup crayons. Lifts and glues loose veneer to surface. May cut out damaged or blistered veneer or molding and trim, fit, and glue matching piece in place. May reglue defective joints [GLUER 762.687-034]. May be designated by product repaired as Repairer, Mirror And Picture Frame; Repairer, Sash And Door; Repairer, Wood Furniture.