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Asparagus Harvest Worker

Harvest asparagus every other day from March to May.

What does an Asparagus Harvest Worker do?

The job of an Asparagus Harvest Worker is a seasonal job that starts in March and ends in May. Just like any other type of Harvest Worker Fruit Picker, for example), Asparagus Harvest Workers work during the season to gather crops-in this case, asparagus-that will be sold at grocery stores or Farmers markets. Since the job ends when the plants are gone, many seasonal Asparagus Harvest Workers are forced to move from farm to farm to continue making money.

This is one job that’s a lot of hard work. Asparagus is harvested either by walking the rows and stooping to pull up plants as you go, or riding a small, close-to-the-ground harvest machine. Asparagus plants grow three to seven inches a day, and during growing season, you cut the field daily or every other day.

Get ready to use your hands and work out your back like crazy. Harvesting days are long, and Workers are paid by the number of pounds they bring in. In order to make a decent wage, you need to pull in a lot of bushels of asparagus.

The work you accomplish can be influenced by the weather too. For example, if it’s too hot or wet, the amount of plants you pull up can change.

Be warned that many of these jobs are moving down south, as in Mexico south. The hot climate and cheaper labor down in Mexico have greatly affected California’s (the US’ main asparagus producer) ability to compete.