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Asian Studies Professor

Teach university students about Asia and its people.

What does an Asian Studies Professor do?

Asian Studies Professors instruct courses related to Asian Studies at the college or university level. They’re responsible for preparing lesson plans, developing curriculums, counseling students, managing Asian Studies programs within the department, and working with other faculty. This may include attending meetings and conferences with fellow Asian Studies Professors, and developing staff training programs. You’re also required to assign projects to students, grade tests and class work, and critique the work of students on an individual and group basis.

Critical to the position of Asian Studies Professor will be your knowledge of factors associated with Asia and Asian life, including the lives of Asian Americans throughout the United States. These factors may include politics, culture, language, history, and government.

You may be required to provide instruction to students seeking a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate. Therefore, your knowledge must be extensive in the areas you teach in, possibly requiring you to work within the Asian culture to some extent prior to being offered employment. Use this potential job requirement as an excuse to take an extended trip to Asia, and claim that that trip is essential for expanding your knowledge.

You’re also required to maintain your current knowledge related to the subject. This may mean that you will have to continue to take courses associated with the Asian culture, read studies connected to Asia, and be capable of intelligently discussing Asian issues with other faculty and students.