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Aseptic Operator

Work in germ-free factories making products like medicine and scalpels.

What does an Aseptic Operator do?

Aseptic Operators assemble products under sterile conditions. Typically found in medical and laboratory settings, the Aseptic Operators focus on keeping all materials, tools, and products clean and sterile. This practice is also used in manufacturing settings, such as factories of medical supplies (gauze and bandages) and medications.

If you work in a medical supply or pharmaceutical factory, you oversee the production of items in sterile, hospital-like conditions. Attention to detail is crucial for any Aseptic Operator, as you monitor machines to ensure that they’re functioning properly. For example, when overseeing the production of blood pressure medication, you see to it that the compounds are mixed precisely. The margin for error is nearly nonexistent since people’s lives depend on the appropriate dosage.

Basic mechanical skills are also important for the routine cleaning of machinery and tools. Whether rinsing and cleaning the drums of the mixing machine or operating the autoclaves (sterilizers), keeping the equipment free of contaminants is mandatory.

The nature of this position is production-based, so be prepared to stand for up to eight hours while bending and twisting as well. Physical strength is also required since you can be asked to lift up to 50 pounds repeatedly. The hard work and concentration is well worth it though, as you look in your medicine cabinet each day and know that what you do saves lives.