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Asbestos Removal Worker

Keep old buildings safe by ripping out old, contaminated insulation.

What does an Asbestos Removal Worker do?

Asbestos Removal Workers are responsible for removing asbestos-containing items from homes and businesses. Before we learned how bad asbestos is for us, people used the material in several different applications around the home, one of which was wrapping cold water pipes for insulation.

In the past 10 years, Scientists have found links between asbestos and several diseases, some widely known and others people don’t hear much about. When the asbestos fibers stay intact, they don’t harm you, but as they age and become worn, they tend to break free and contaminate the entire house. This is when they become dangerous, and only trained Asbestos Removal Workers should come into contact with them.

This highly specialized area requires training on proper handling of asbestos-containing products as well as the protocol for removing them. Air circulation and ventilation are essential for every Asbestos Removal Worker.

You have to be physically strong to do this job, as you need to shovel asbestos fibers into plastic bags for redistribution to the appropriate location. Also, you’re expected to bend, lift, tug, and stand for long periods during the removal process. You get the best of both worlds, though: exercising while working, and knowing that what you do saves many lives.