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Asbestos Lawyer



Fight for the rights of asbestos poisoning victims.

What does an Asbestos Lawyer do?

Asbestos Lawyers represent clients who have become ill due to exposure to asbestos in the workplace or their homes. If you’re not familiar with asbestos, it’s a great product from the last century that was commonly used in construction. It is fire resistant, electricity proof, and cheap.

The problem is that it also falls off in dust particles that can stick to the lungs, causing a variety of illnesses, including cancer. With this discovery came a landslide of legislation intended to monitor the use of asbestos. Many countries have banned it altogether.

So, when a client hands you a medical file that outlines an illness directly related to asbestos exposure, it’s a substitute for your morning jolt of coffee. You move into Asbestos Lawyer mode and immediately start to gather facts. You interview the client and any employers, Landlords, or homeowners involved. When did the exposure take place? Is there evidence of the presence of asbestos? Was the employer aware of its presence?

You and your staff carefully analyze the facts of the case and review the medical files. The primary goal of any Asbestos Lawyer is to secure medical care and a monetary settlement for your client, so you must be thorough in your research. When your evidence represents a strong case, you complete paperwork and propose a settlement to the opposing party. If it’s accepted, you take your paycheck and go home. If not, you continue representing your client until the case is settled in front of a Judge.

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