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Arts Administrator

Manage the business side of putting up art shows.

What does an Arts Administrator do?

Creativity blooms only when it has space to grow. An Arts Administrator plays Gardener to the creative seeds hidden within Artists and Performers. Arts Administrators oversee museums, dance companies, and even art festivals, all with the intention of selecting, funding, planning, and promoting artistic exhibits and events.

When you take over the job of Arts Administrator, you aren’t stepping into one role. You wear multiple hats and slide effortlessly between accounting, marketing, and human resources tasks all in a single day. Organizing your events, be they museum displays or a ballet, requires creating a budget, hiring extra staff, and securing the required building or space.

Your Artists are the backbone of the organization, so much of your time revolves around finding new talent and negotiating contracts. A firm understanding of labor laws and safety requirements is crucial to keeping you and your staff out of treacherous legal territory.

Of course, just because you wear the fancy suits doesn’t mean you have to squash your creative side and spend all day at a desk. One hour, you’re planning posters to advertise an art fair, and the next, you’re choosing the music or arranging a display for a local gallery. Goal-focused yet flexible, you do whatever needs to get done to make your next exhibition a success.