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Artist's Manager



Manage affairs of entertainers.

What does an Artist's Manager do?

Manages affairs of entertainers by participating in negotiations with agents and others concerning contracts and business matters affecting clients’ interests, and advises clients on career development and advancement: Represents client in negotiations with officials of unions, motion picture or television studios, theatrical productions, or entertainment house, for favorable contracts and financial fees to be received for engagements. Advises client concerning contracts, wardrobe, and effective presentation of act, according to knowledge of show business. Procures services of professional personnel in particular phase of show business to create or design format of original act, or prepare special material for new act to advance client’s career. Manages business details of tours and engagements, such as obtaining reservations for transportation and hotel accommodations, and making disbursements for road expenses. Represents client in public contacts, such as handling fan mail, telephone inquiries, and requests for personal appearances. May audition new talent for representation purposes. May procure bookings for clients.

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