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Create pieces of art that are beautiful, provocative, or cutting-edge.

What does an Artist do?

An Artist represents the world that exists to them. Your efforts go toward expressing the ineffable and illustrating the obvious, towards replicating the concrete and exposing the hidden. Through your work you can bring beauty, perspective, or change to a world rutted in practicality and blindness. Artist, then, is a title referring to a vast number of individuals who embrace their creative abilities.

Artists work through a large variety of mediums, so you might spend your day in clay, paint, or dance. With your talent you can build war memorials bent on invoking grief, pride and gratitude, or produce a play celebrating the grandness of nature.

The problem with careers like this, which offer unchecked creative freedom, tends to be the financial side of things. While some Artists can support themselves just by the sales of their work, most make ends meet through additional jobs such as teaching, or by contracting out to create artwork for commercial enterprises like advertising agencies.

So if you have trouble with the oppressiveness of complete creativity (as it is, ironically, rather oppressive to be completely unrestricted), or are looking for some extra cash, then investigate contracting out your services. Many industries offer very desirable working environments and interesting artistic challenges. Plus the financial stability found in outside jobs allows you to continue the personal and public exploration of your world that manifests itself as art.

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